Sticky Ideas and our “ideas that stick” stand for

Sticky Ideas’ industry experience along with the successful positioning of products when we were still working for a software distribution company show that we at Sticky Ideas know what we are talking about and what there is to consider. Marketing concepts and developing “ideas that stick” along with the associated marketing activities, is Sticky Ideas’ bread and butter.

Sticky Ideas proactively approaches established customers and doesn’t only react once they have a definite requirement. If we notice business areas with room for improvement in terms of process optimization or additional market potential, we will point that out. Service means acting in the customer’s best interest, keeping one’s eyes open, developing ideas that stick and maybe making one phone call too many rather than waiting for the customer to get in touch with Sticky Ideas.

Working in a small team as well as being equipped with laptops and mobile phones helps Sticky Ideas to always be within reach when you require help. We’re flexible in our working hours and don’t need to stick to the usual office hours. That enables Sticky Ideas to participate in phone conferences in different time zones while still promoting “ideas that stick” within our own time zone and helping push projects along with European customers. The software and IT industries require us to be fast movers and show immediate reaction to requests – this is what Sticky Ideas is committed to.

In a time where the virtual world is continually bringing us closer together, it is important to be present – always and everywhere. An ample network of contacts around the globe is necessary nowadays to remain successful. With over 20 years of industry experience, Sticky Ideas can make the call to find the right global contacts for our customers.

Many service providers do not listen properly, talk (too) much and don’t take all the necessary action. Sticky Ideas would like to lead by example and show how it’s done. We don’t just talk, but take action in our customers’ best interest, generating ideas that stick.

Resting on our laurels is not Sticky Ideas’ style. The industry keeps on developing quickly and there are always new areas of the business that require consideration for market strategies and planning. In recent years these were, for example, social media activities and the important instrument of keyword optimization. In order to remain successful in the future, continuing education plays a major role at Sticky Ideas.

Each company is unique, each product is different and each business is managed in a different way, following different goals and objectives. This is why the Sticky Ideas team listens first of all, trying to understand how the company ticks, identifies where the need is and then starts working. We want our customers to be particularly successful with our “ideas that stick” and the support offered by Sticky Ideas. In return, Sticky Ideas is happy to forego the quick dollars if the longterm strategy looks more promising.

Anyone can build castles in the air. Sticky Ideas however is committed to developing creative ideas to help our customers achieve their desired goals with “ideas that stick”. We guarantee that these ideas are practicable and don’t just remain ideas, but can be implemented – if you would like Sticky Ideas to, we are more than happy to implement them ourselves.

On the customer, in the market place, on our business partners, in the industry. Over and over again – with “ideas that stick”.

Nowadays, all that counts is measurable success. Sticky Ideas is happy to be measured against that yardstick since a satisfied customer means reassurance that Sticky Ideas decided to go down the right path.

A long-lasting partnership only works when each partner is ready to show total commitment and permenantly delivers a good quality of work. Relationships need to grow over time, get stronger and trust needs to be built. Sticky Ideas is a reliable partner – open, transparent and fair.

This is what Sticky Ideas stands for. We are always open to suggestions, discussions and opinions. At the same time, we know our industry well and have a lot of experience, paired with a good intuition and the necessary tenacity. If you are looking for a service provider who only nods his head and agrees with everything, please go ahead and keep on searching. ;)