Startegic Marketing Consulting

More than just a Marketing Agency.

Sticky Ideas is your marketing agency when it comes to marketing hardware, software or photography-related products.

We develop sustainable concepts for

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • and Promotion.

We work closely with you since nobody knows your company the way you do. Thus, we need your help as we would really like to get to know your company, your product and you. Just as a suit off the peg doesn’t fit everybody, a cookie cutter concept is not a fit for most companies. Therefore, don’t be surprised that we will be the marketing agency asking you many, many questions.

Sticky Ideas is the ideal marketing agency and partner for small and medium sized hardware and software manufacturers, their distribution partners and companies within the photographic industry.

As your marketing agency we help in the following areas (amongst others):

  • A Marketing concept for product launches
  • Concepts that drive sales throughout the whole product life cycle
  • Analysis of market segments and market conditions to identify the “right” target market
  • Generation of ideas for products, services, naming of products and brand awareness
  • Implementation of marketing activities

Please don’t take this list to be exhaustive. If you are looking for anything in particular you would like your marketing agency to provide, let's discuss it!