Photographic Industry

Any time job and passion can be combined, the best possible outcomes come naturally. This is the case for the photo industry since Katrin has long been a passionate and ambitious (hobby) photographer. Her knowledge of photographic equipment, photo accessories and photo industry knowledge are an asset for her job since she has a profound understanding of how a certain target group ticks. It allows her to judge which technical background knowledge makes sense and is required or is just nice to have. At the same time it helps to understand why certain products actually work the way they do in the photo industry.

That is why we can pride ourselves in having generated cooperations between partners from the software and photo industry that made perfect sense. Revenue and brand awareness for both partners were increased due to the implementation of the right marketing concept and associated activities.

We also know the channels for photographic products and photo accessories inside out – we have been active in retail, photography resellers, online businesses, photography clubs, industry events and the big buying associations within the German-speaking photo industry for quite a while now. We know exactly how to develop the ideal marketing concept for our customers and how to implement it.

Being the organizers of Photo+Adventure held in Duisburg on a yearly basis, a trade show and event that combines photography, travel and the outdoors, we are very well networked within the photographic industry.

This is your chance to profit from our cross-industry expertise for the development of your marketing concepts.